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Penny Flanagan

Freelance writer: opinion, humour, news and social commentary. As seen in: The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Choice Magazine,,, and


11 things that haven't changed for women since 1912

Prison terms, hunger strikes, force-feeding, police beatings and loss of access to children. This is what the foot soldiers of feminism endured to achieve equal rights for British women in the early 20th century. Was it worth it? Has anything really changed? Warning: radical feminist content. I consider myself a pretty fair-minded sort of gender equality believer.

In defense of Sam Armytage's "giant granny pants"

Recently, Samantha Armytage was heckled by the Daily Mail for wearing granny pants. Australia's granny pant wearers say 'enough is enough'. No really, this is an actual story that hit the internet today from The Daily Mail - a story about Sam Armytage's alleged 'granny pants'. It seems in the digital world, any random thought that goes through someone's head as they are perving on some stalker pics of a newsreader, now qualifies as 'news.'

Mick Jagger has just proven how expendable men are

Does Mick Jagger's ongoing ability to have kids well into his 70's make you want to punch Mother Nature in the vagina? Take heart, there is an upside to the gender imbalance of fertility decline. It is just grossly unfair that there is no time limit on men’s fertility. This gives men all sorts of freedoms in their lives that women simply don’t have.


Penny Flanagan

Penny Flanagan is a Sydney-based writer. She is the author of three novels, 'Changing The Sky' (Hodder Headline, 1993) 'Sing To Me' (Penguin Books, 1998) 'Surviving Hal' (Puncher & Wattmann, 2019) and has had various short stories published in Meanjin, Imago and Picador New Writing anthologies. She is a prolific contributor to many high profile digital platforms such as - The Sydney Morning Herald,,, and Her specialty is humour and opinion but her skill is versatility: she can write in any style on any topic.



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